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GreenAndRed is designed to help the overworked developer, team lead, or engineering manager think systematically about the risks in their operations. Big companies have dedicated risk managers and fancy enterprise software for that sort of thing. But we know that you have just yourself, whatever time you can spare from other emergencies, and spreadsheets. The goal of GreenAndRed is to help you do a few things more efficiently, so that risk management becomes one of the simpler parts of your job, and is less likely to fall through the cracks.
One of these things is to let you manage risk matrixes. You probably already know what a risk matrix is, but just in case: it's a tool to help you think about which risks (in your software, your process, or anything else) you should attend to first. It works by helping you assign a likelihood (how likely you think this will happen) and an impact (how bad it will be if it does happen) to every risk you want to think about. Then the combination of likelihood and impact gives you a weighted risk score, and generally you'll want to start your risk mitigation efforts with the highest scores.
The other thing that's covered in this release is risk registers. A risk register provides you a long-term view of all the risks that you've dealt with, and shows whether they're still a concern. Risk registers are a tool for tracking your response to risk over time, as well as for seeing which risks are currently of concern.
Some day this will be (we hope) a subscription site. Right now it's free. So go ahead and click the "Get Started" button below, and kick the tires. We'd love any feedback you care to send to the contact address!
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