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All projects involve some level of risk: any time some potential event can have a bad effect on your project's desired outcomes, that's a risk. When your project is large enough, it makes sense to actively manage these risks. That way, you can avoid both the optimistic assumption that everything will just work right, and and pessimistic fear that nothing will ever turn out well.

The goal of GreenAndRed is to help you manage risks. It does this by encouraging you to think through which risks are most important, and organizing your work to evaluate and mitigate these risks.

Use the links at the left to get more help. The help is divided into four major sections:

  • Risk Management covers some of the basic ideas of risk management in more depth.
  • Risk Matrix Concepts looks at how the Risk Matrix helps you think about risks.
  • Risk Register Concepts shows why you might want to view your risks on an overall Risk Register
  • The GreenAndRed User Interface shows you how to accomplish tasks in GreenAndRed.

If you need more help or have ideas for improving the application, feel free to reach out via the Contact and Support link in the page footer.